2018 - 2021 :

Currently in second year of the IMA2A (Computer And Electrical Engineering) department at Polytech Lille Graduate School of Engineering and apprenticed at Vmicro SAS

2016 - 2018 :

DUT GEII, a two-year degree in Electronics and automatic control engineering . At the IUT A of University of Lille

2013 - 2016 :

High School Diploma speciality science for engineers, with honours.

Sandwich Course

I'm currenlty doing a Sandwich Course in Vmicro SAS.

Vmicro is a spinoff of the IEMN laboratory (Institute of Electronics Microelectronics and Nanotechnologies) .

The fabrication equipment is operated in a highly flexible way that enables Vmicro to develop its own devices and to propose bespoke solutions for our customers' needs in micro-fabrication.

My job consists in developing new bench of tests for micrometer components.

Prinxer 3d

In 2016, I decide to create my own 3d printer but not a common 3D printer but a 3d printer based on a new technology .... The STEREOLITHOGRAPHY.

At the beginning I used my Iphone to diplayed the layers. And step by step I improved my printer. At the same time, I start to code a slicer dedicated to my printer. Most slicers, generate only G-CODE (instruction sent to the printer to define the trajectory. But I did not need G-CODE. I needed pictures. One picture for one layer. So I created slicer for DLP (Digital Light Printing) printer (wihtout the managing of support).

This was the best way to apply the theory seen in class at school.



Language C





Modeling and Simulation

Autodesk Fusion

Eagle (Design PCB)

Kicad (Design PCB)



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